Thanks for visiting my portfolio site. Here is a bit of info about me:

○ I'm a self-taught JavaScript developer and C# hopeful.
○ I work and live in North-Eastern Pennsylvania with my wife.
○ I love open-source projects and debugging.

Please find my projects and breadth of experience below.

A photo of myself.


  • Front-end
    I wrote this website in HTML and CSS, but my real love is learning.

    I love the challenge of figuring out a codebase piece-by-piece. You can find me contributing to open source.
  • Back-end
    I'm always learning more about JavaScript and C#, but I find CLIs like bash interesting and management tools like git indispensible.

    I'm working through the free Pro Git book now.
  • Other interests
    I wrote for my college newspaper and newsletters, and I enjoyed writing-technique books. I don't have much time for it now, but I hope to get back to it someday.

    I also enjoyed painting in Adobe Photoshop CC, too.


  • Todo app
    A thumbnail for my to-do list app clone.
  • Game of Life app
    A thumbnail for my Conway's Game of Life app clone.
  • Calculator app
    A thumbnail for my calculator app clone.


Lockheed Martin
Electro Mech Assembler (Nov 2019 - current)
● Trained multiple teammembers in on-the-job assembly training to increase group productivity.
● Collaborated with teammembers in work-related duties to increase group morale and efficiency.


Find my LinkedIn profile here.

Find my GitHub here.

Feel free to shoot me an email at reutherjeff@gmail.com.